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Im Gespräch mit YouTuber Mark Brown

Mark Brown ist ein in meinen Augen ein sehr scharf beobachtender YouTuber mit mittlerweile über 200.000 Abonennten – und das völlig zurecht. Seine Beiträge sind informativ, kurzweilig und dennoch voller Charme. Für ein völlig unkritisches Kurzinterview also genau der richtige Kandidat für RUDOLF INDERST.

Rudolf Inderst (RI): Hi Mark, would you please introduce yourself to our readers. You also might want to add what it is you are doing on YouTube?

Mark Brown (MB): Hi! My name’s Mark Brown, and I’m the creator of Game Maker’s Toolkit which is a YouTube channel about game design. I try to break down brilliant games, and figure out how they’re designed. Everything from the level design in a Mario game, to the way artificial intelligence is used in Metal Gear Solid.

(RI): If our readers only had time for three of your episodes which ones would you suggest and why?

(MB): I’m very proud of this video on the level design in Super Mario 3D World. It shows how Nintendo managed to fit hundreds of unique ideas into a single game. This video about Doom’s enemies shows us that there’s still so much to learn from older games.  And I like this one, which talks about how controllers have affected the sort of games that get made today. It’s important to think about the different factors that can affect how games get made.

(RI): How do you feel about the whole topic of game coverage today – especially on YouTube? In regard to that – which channels and colleagues can you recommend?

(MB): There’s so much wonderful stuff out there on YouTube. It’s not just Let’s Plays and reviews, but lots of in-depth analysis and interesting essays too. And while I focus on game design, you’ve got channels like Errant Signal ( which looks at game stories, Noclip ( which interviews developers, and – a new favourite! – Game Score Fanfare (, which looks at music. Everyone is really supportive of each other. We watch each other’s videos, promote them, support each other on Patreon, chat and so on. It’s a great community to be a part of.

(RI): That is an impression I do share, too. Now, to wrap things up: Please complete the following sentence for us? „For me games are…!“

(MB): For me, games are challenging, exciting, competitive, expressive, mysterious, transportive, and – sometimes! – fun.

(RI): Thanks for your time and good luck for your future endeavors!

Wenn Ihr Euch jetzt selbst ein Bild machen wollt, könnt Ihr das am besten auf YouTube: Marks Kanal heißt Game Maker’s Toolkit und auf Twitter findet Ihr ihn als @britishgaming.


Rudolf Inderst

*1978 in München. Lebte in Kopenhagen und verliebte sich. Doppelt promoviert, übernimmt er Verantwortung als Ressortleiter für digitale Spiele hier bei Liebt Stanislaw Lem, Hörspiele und Podcasts. Spielt Videospiele seit etwa 40 Jahren. Lehrt als Professor für Game Design mit dem Schwerpunkt Game Studies / Spielanalyse / Game Business an der IU und krault sich gerne seinen Bart.

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